Initially established in 1996 as a Joint Venture by Environmental Elements Corporation.

First production begin in July 1996.

Converted to WOFE in 2001.

New Factory open in mid 2002.

Transfer of ownership to China MPP Ventures LLC in 2004.

Factory Expansion completed in October 2007.

Wholly Owned Subsidiary of China MPP Ventures. LLC, a Maryland, USA company.

Registered legal entity under Chinese law, with import/export license and exporting to the US and other countries since 1996.

Industries Served

  1. Cement

  2. Pulp & Paper.

  3. Iron & Steel.

  4. None-Ferrous.

  5. Incineration.

APC Total Solutions

ESP System--20years
Fabric Filter System --20years
MEEP --10years
CDS --10ears
SDA --10years

EETCUSA   Enterprise Culture




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