Initially established in 1996 as a Joint Venture “Anhui EE Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd.” By Environmental Elements Corporation, Baltimore, Maryland

Converted JV to WOFE and renamed as “Enelco Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.” (EETC) in 2001

EEC sold EETC to China MPP Ventures LLC, another Maryland company in 2004

Signed framework agreement with Alstom Power Service to supply ESP internal parts in 2006

Signed exclusive license for Hitachi’s MEEP technology in 2007

Awarded recover boiler and lime kiln ESP project in Chenming Group in 2009

Awarded 4 x 9FA intake filter to GE Power and Water in 2009

Awarded 3875 Ft2 MEEP Sinter project in Shanxi by Jianbang Group in 2010.

Awarded 350MW MEEP Power project in Turkey by Hitachi in 2011

Awarded 2 x1000MW MEEP Power project in Jurong by Hitachi China, in 2011

Awarded 4 x 200MW MEEP Power Project in Beijing by Huaneng Beijing Co‐Gen Ltd., in 2013.

Awarded 7 x 9FA Filter Houses & Transitions to GE Power & Water through Parker in 2014

Awarded 2 x H80 Filter Houses to MHPS Through Shinwa Corporation in 2014

Awarded 2 x 9FA Filter Houses & Transitions to GE Power & Water through G+H in 2015

Awarded Wet ESP for 2x75t/h CFB Boiler of Changzhou Guangyuan Cogen Power Plant in 2015

Awarded 5 ESPs for Sun Paper Laos Project and for Chenming Paper Shouguang Project in 2016

Started Stainless Steel workshop in 2017 for TM2500 Intake and Silencer fabrication for Parker.

Vision and Mission

To be the best value-add platform for integrating global energy and environmental solutions;

Proving world class energy and environmental solutions to make tomorrow brighter


Established Environmental Corporation (EEC)

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Set up the air pollution department under Koppers Group