EETC has skilled engineers who received training in welding design, AISC structural design and other mechanical and technical aspects in the United States and Japan.

EETC has workshop and advanced processing and manufacturing equipment to produce large filter house. According to customer requirements, EETC fabricate filter house with high quality delivery to domestic and foreign customers, which win unanimously praise from customers. We have established long-term stable supply and demand relationship with customers.

Characteristics and requirements of filter house:

1.Enhance the life of the gas turbine blade and ensure the normal operation of generating units.

2.Strictly control the amount of dust in the air supplied to the combustion chamber.

3.Ensure that the burner may obtain clean air continuously and stably.

4.The specific aspects of strict requirements:

(1) Design / manufacture and installation process

(2) The debugging process of the control system

(3) The operation of the self cleaning system

(4) Failure elimination, etc.